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The Invisible Battle

So, as some may know I have at least 2 chronic illnesses. One being type one diabetes and the other being Fibromyalgia. For ten years I handled the diabetes alone. Then, shortly after my 10 year mark I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Let me tell you, all my worst days of diabetes from 10 years put together couldn’t compare even a fraction of what living with fibro has done to me 6 months. I have gone from playing softball, speedskating, cycling, kayaking and running to barely being able to function and do normal everyday hygiene things on my own. I still work 40 hours a week by the grace of God, but I will be ordering myself a cane today. At almost 30 I never thought those words would ever escape my thoughts or mouth. It’s been so scary and so difficult to me. I’ve had 2 doctors appointments canceled and several battles trying to find a PCP that’s accepting new Medicaid patients. But I’m happy to report I have my appointment day after tomorrow for diabetes and my PCP not even a week after that.

Last week Tuesday I woke up a couple times in pain in my shoulder. I figured it’s fibro, I’ll work through it. Fibro had different plans. I did go to work, but it was hell. The next day was the same hell turned worse as the day went on. Thursday I had to call in. I tried to go to the clinic in town, but they turned me away saying they didn’t treat what I was experiencing. I drove all the way into town to be turned away… I was frustrated and in excruciating pain by that morning. I struggled with the pain and had lunch with my fiance. Told him I’m gonna go home and check on the ducks and then go to the emergency room.

Let me tell you, I don’t even know why I bothered with the clinic. This ER near our house is A++, ALWAYS. From my diabetes, to my cat bite, and my shoulder. After checking in my butt hadn’t been in that seat 5 seconds (legit, no exaggeration) before my name was called. It was fabulous. I was in and out in an hour. The doctor said right now we won’t do xray or MRI, but if the pain continues, come back and we will do those. Then physical therapy and surgery may have to be considered. I was diagnosed with acute cervical strain. Although I felt it was more in my trapezoid muscle, pinching a nerve. He prescribed me my muscle relaxer and ibuprofen 600 for mild pain. Which is hilarious because I described my pain as the second worse pain I’ve ever felt. My blood pressure was 158/86!! And my sugars have been staying 200+ because of it all. Oh well. My endo is gonna be like WTF has been going on?! Lol My appointment should be interesting. So, that’s that. I have 3 days off this week and I’m super happy to be able to relax some more. ❤

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