Doctors, Duckies, and Depression

So, I had my endo appointment, tomorrow I’ll have my PCP appointment and Friday I will have seen the eye doctor. Endo went well, as per usual. Made 1 tiny adjustment and off I went. We’ll see how tomorrow’s appointment goes as it is a new PCP.

The ducks are getting so big! So much so we took away the brooder and put a tarp in the bottom of our garden tub and that’s where they are now. Much bigger. They seem to really be enjoying it and it doesn’t seem to get as messy as quickly. They are noisy though and keep waking us up, but that’s what happens when you have babies.

As for me being depressed, it’s been really hard. I miss my family a lot. I had several losses last year and now my biological father is in the ICU. Last update said he was doing better, but that was a few days ago. It breaks my heart to be so far away. I cry every. Damn. DAY. I honestly just want to be home again. Nothing will ever compare to being where I grew up, ever. I could be there right now, yeah, sure. But I’ll always be there and be unhappy if he’s not with me. I just need him there. I need to be there with him AND my family, as well as my long time friends. My family means the world to me and I’ve already spent so much time away from them before in my past relationship…now here I am again. It’s sad, really. Truly sad. My heart just breaks every day.

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