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New Pump

This week has been nothing short of awful. My insulin pump tried to kill me, there were some hostilities at work and later that day I slipped and fell and hurt my neck and my back. Then, the shelf fell off the wall a broke a light switch. Today I had a day off and got my new pump in. I’m tired to say the least, even still. And there’s a huge storm system coming in. I know because my body is telling me. SO SO much pain! I’m like a human barometer. I honestly can’t wait for spring. I shoveled the entire driveway since our snowblower isn’t working. Hoping to get it fixed tonight since we’re about to get around a foot of snow. Precipitation is supposed to be zero at this moment and it’s snowing. Lightly, but it is. I will have to drive to work when the snow is (most likely) whiteout conditions in the morning. Really not looking forward to that, to be honest. Who would be? I guess mother nature didn’t get the memo it shouldn’t snow an entire winters worth in one day. I’m praying it will be pretty normal snowing conditions in the morning. I hate having to get up even earlier. On a normal day, I get up at 3. We got a covering for outside. You know, the kind you sit under during the summer and have a meal? I’m hoping it’s big enough to fit my vehicle. That way I won’t have to worry too much about clearing off my car. Here’s to hoping I don’t have to call in and I survive tomorrow and the next 5 days in a row. Last time it made me feel like death. Joy.

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