Day 4 of 5, Done

I don’t think I can do 5 days in a row anymore at my job. Nope. I feel like death warmed over. Doesn’t help I have massive tooth pain, shark week is so close I can smell it, and I’m having some sort of digestion issues. Like throw me a freaking bone, please. One thing after another.

Yesterday on the way home from work a guy purposefully tried to wreck me out. I about lost my cool. Who does that crap? Seriously?! *angry sigh* He tailgated me about 2 miles, before almost sideswiping one car, almost rear-ending me, and then purposefully swerving over and trying to hit me. Why do people do these kinds of things? If I was honestly pissing you off that badly, you could have passed me a long time ago. I was already going 5 over in snowy conditions…ass hat.

Anyways, on a brighter note, I have one day left in the streak and I have Valentine’s Day off. ❤ Not sure where Brendon is taking me yet, but he has something planned.

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