Spring is in the Air

So, recently the temperature has been getting warmer. All the snow has melted (for now) and all the spring stuff is being put on shelves. I’m SO super excited as I am partial to warmer temps. And warmer temperatures mean gardening, animals, cycling, swimming and all that jazz!

Yesterday I bought some seeds at a local garden center. They had a 30% sale on seeds which I had no clue about before I got there! Super awesome surprise. Just going to start little for now as I left most of mine back home. I also gota free calender while there that has coupons on it. :]

For now, I use the Jiffy seed starter kit and then transplant them after they get a couple inches tall. I have done this successfully in the past aside from the cat eating them afterwards, so yeah. Lol Hopefully I don’t have that issue again this year.

Aside from starting my seeds I have bigger fish to fry with my vehicle. The damn camshaft position sensor went out and this part is the bane of my existence. Seriously. It is such a pain in the ass to change and can cause a variety of issues including sucking down a half a tank of gas like it’s going out of style and causing the car to stall and jerk. Took us two hours to change last time on the other vehicle. Lord have mercy on our souls with this one. It’s on the back of the engine this time. Ugh! So we’ll see how this goes tonight.

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